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Portfolio by Tyra
  1. Burnside Bridge
    Burnside Bridge
    Portland Oregon 2017 Old Town
  2. McCormick Pier
    McCormick Pier
    Portland Oregon Old Town/Pearl District
  3. Old Town Historic
    Old Town Historic
    Portland Oregon 2017 Old Town
  4. Koa Kai
    Koa Kai
    Hawaiian Islands, 2017 Koa (warrior) and Kai (ocean) come together in Hawaiian Tradition
  5. Pearl
    Portland, Oregon 2017 Pearl District
  6. Hawthorne Rotation
    Hawthorne Rotation
    Portland, Oregon 2017 Downtown
  7. Old Town
    Old Town
    Portland Oregon 2017 Old Town
  8. Steel Bridge 1912
    Steel Bridge 1912
    Portland, Oregon 2016 Old Town
  9. Steel Rotation
    Steel Rotation
    Portland Oregon 2016 Old Town
  10. Broadway Spin
    Broadway Spin
    Portland, Oregon
  11. Chinatown
    Portland, Oregon 2017 Old Town/Chinatown
  12. Mini Bolts
    Mini Bolts
    Oregon 2017
  13. Mustangs in Water
    Mustangs in Water
    Oregon 2017
  14. Steel Horse
    Steel Horse
    Steel Bridge 2017 Portland, Oregon
  15. Mo'o [gecko]
    Mo'o [gecko]
    Hawai'i 2017
  16. Mustang
    Portland, Oregon & Maui, Hawai'i 2017
  17. NoKaOi (the best)
    NoKaOi (the best)
    Ancient tradition honoring life to the present Hawai'i 2017
  18. Kekoa [Warrior]
    Kekoa [Warrior]
    Hawai'i 2017 Hawaiian Warrior preparing for battle
  19. Hawthorne Special PDX
    Hawthorne Special PDX
    Portland, Oregon 2017
  20. Covered Bridges & Horsepower
    Covered Bridges & Horsepower
    Southern Oregon 2017
  21. Mermaids
    Let's Talk Story of Mermaids, Mystery and History 8x10 Digital Multimedia Art
  22. Morrison Bridge Late Nights
    Morrison Bridge Late Nights
    Portland, Oregon 2017